*The meshes and textures are from Black & White 2 by Lionhead studios. Their only purpose is to give us something to look at. They will NOT be in the later game!

Estimated health of project: 65%

Last thing we did: Artemis Bow Miracle (21. March 2021)

What is Ethos?

Ethos is a work in progress game that recreates the famous game by Lionhead Studios, Black & White. We, the community, really want a successor, but we don't have one! So, maybe we can create it ourself!

We have a demo!

Go to the top of the website and click "Download Demo" :D Enjoy!

Share this project!

The more people know about it, the better! Share this site with anyone who is interested!

Doing this project alone is beyond crazy... But we have us!

Everyone is talented in some way. Some are programmers, some storytellers and others artists. We don't we bundle our forces? Everyone can help and any help is welcome! You don't have to be a famous artist with thousands of followers. Why don't you write us what you can do and how you can help? What could be a better project in the lockdown, than working on a game that we all want? :D

Full Indie Development

This game is not sponsored or financed by anyone. We can add whatever we want. What keeps us going? Motivation! We all want a spiritual successor for the original Black & White games, but unfortunately no one wants to develop it, so I decided to take matters into my own hand. And you are welcome to help!

I Want Updates!

You can checkout my personal channel, where I post videos!
If the channel moves, we will place a notification on the site and on my personal channel! Be sure to checkout the discord server as well!

Not begging for money before we have something playable

Taking money for development is a viable option. For now, the project is pretty young and we don't know how it develops.

What do we already have?

I already programmed a quite solid foundation on which we can build on. Basic things like picking stuff up, translation, resources, miracle dispensers and many other things are already implemented

Simple Hand Morphing :D

Check the latest video!

Map loading from the original games is a work in progress! Furthermore we added dragon and the ability to fly with them. Villager AI is also taking shape!

Please forgive my visuals!

I focus mainly on programming, so I didn't invest much time into make it visually appealing. What I know is that changing the models and particles and sound, doesn't take long. But exchanging code takes a while!

Is this going anywhere?

Maybe yes, maybe not. But I'm highly motivated to continue working on it!