Is It Free?

As long as we don't have a playable game, all demos will be completely free!

Please Note:

Everything that you see and experience in this demo is subject to change! Especially the optics!!! For now we want feedback on the overall control side. Maybe you find bugs that we didn't? Just write a mail to Please include a message on how to reproduce this bug. For example:

-When holding a rock in your hand and you try to move your hand in the sky, the hand has some weird rotations

This allows us to examine the problem and fix the issue!

Make sure to include the .log file as well! You can change the output path for the log in EthosStarter.bat! You then have to start it with the .bat file of course ;)

Current Version:

Lots of bugs, but we fixed almost every and we will soon release a newer version with way more stuff to do, so stay tuned! :D